Our restaurants

Also our restaurants are presented as manifoldly and charming like the hole hotel complex. Here you can treat yourself to culinary delicacy in classy atmosphere, sit together comfortably and get spoiled from our service team.

Stylish athmospher for culinary delights

The Pichlmayrgut has changed over the years. As well as the hotel our restaurant has grown little by little. Now we have got different premises available, every room with its own story and its own personal ambience.

Main restaurant, winter garten & Rosenstüberl

Culinary focal point is the generous buffet in the main restaurant. Following you can find the “Wintergarten” also called “Rosenstüberl” which is situated to the south and strikes the eye with its beautiful view. The equipment is kept in light tones and therefore it builds a contrast to the attaching areas.

Schlossstube, Rittersaal & Pichlmayrstub'n

The “Schlossstube”, “Rittersaal” and the “Pichlmayrstub´n” invite you to linger and sit together cozy. All parts can be reservated for workshops or celebrations. So nothing can keep you away from a common evening with a group.

Outdoor enjoyment

In summer our lovely decorated inner courtyard invites you to have a seat and rest for a while. Here you can enjoy the worm season of the year to the fullest and make yourself comfortable with a cup of coffee or a glas of prosecco in the lounge. Even in winter the snowy inner courtyard has got its very special charm. The light of the torches makes the cup of hot wine punch and hot chestnut to a specific experience.

Hotel bar

After our exhaustive dinner menu you can make yourself comfortable in one of our bars. Next to the bar, in front of the restaurant area, you also have got the possibility to fade away your day at our “Gutsherrenbar” in the hotel lobby. Our barkeeper prepares you different kinds of cocktails during pleasant atmosphere and good music. The perfect location for a successful evening!

Our breakfast buffet

The most important meal of the day is highly valued at the Pichlmayrgut. At our big breakfast buffet you will find everything your heart demands and body needs to have a good start into the day.

Everything your heart desires

Active start in the morning

An active day at the Pichlmayrgut starts with an energy breakfast with a high percentage of organic products. Here you can see the philosophy of our house, because we only want to serve dishes of the best quality.

The offer varies from season to season because we only want to offer seasonal products. The region Schladming-Dachstein offers a wide range of culinary products – so why should we import food from other countries which causes long transportation ways and a long storage period.

Healthy and delicious selection

At the breakfast buffet you can find for example fruits and vegetables from our own garden. The diversified choice of bread is delivered every day by the local bakery. Also the spreads for the fresh farmer’s bread are made with herbs harvested in our own garden. Many milk products are made by the local farmers like different yoghurts as well as butter from mountain farmers. A special hint is our typical Styrian muesli which is prepared every day fresh.

Breakfast potpourri ...

Our breakfasts buffet convinces with excellent quality and huge variety. Are you a fan of bacon, ham and eggs and sausages or do you want to start your day with a bread with sweet jam – everyone will find his favorites!

The exquisite finish of your breakfast will be a typical ring cake from our patisserie.

Beside the big variety of different delicate meals you can also choose between a wide range of drink offers. Here you can select out of different fresh fruit juices, a fine tea assortment or do you prefer a cup of coffee?

Your healthy breakfast at the Pichlmayrgut

In summer you can take breakfast in our comfortable courtyard. Here you can enjoy the first ray of sunlight of a beautiful day. We serve your favorite drink while you relax and inform yourself about the latest news. This is the perfect start into the day!

Breakfast booking

Not only our hotel guests have the possibility to enjoy the breakfast buffet. Also other guests can visit the Hotel Pichlmayrgut’s breakfast on enquiry. The price is € 17.- per person.

Our gourmet-cuisine

To proverbial sentence is the truth: love goes through the stomach. To this effect you’ll expect a perfect holiday in the gourmethotel Pichlmayrgut. Indulgence, ambiance and service are a class of it’s own.

Gourmethotel Pichlmayrgut

Delicacies at 4 star Hotel Pichlmayrgut

The team of the kitchen in pichlmayrgut know, how they pamper their guest with culinary highlights. We offer a huge variety of culinary creations, which convince with the high quality of the basic products as well as the extensive preparation and creation of the dishes.

High standards for products

Already for the basic products we asume a high standard. For our executive chief Michael Ferstl are seasonal products from the local farmers of the region Schlamding-Dachstein very important. For example we optain a big part of beef from our own farm.

Our wellbeing indulgence board has included a breakfast buffet with a big choice of organic products, coffee and cake in the afternoon and a 6-course dinner menu in the evening. It is possible to eat á la carte in our restaurant from 12:00 a.m. until 9.30 p.m.


Pure pleasure from morning to night

You start the day with our amazing breakfast with a wide choice of sweets, savoury and healthy delicacies. In the afternoon we spoil you with sweet delicate food from our patisserie and a daily soup from the buffet. In the evening you complete your day with a formidable 6-course dinner menu. Our crew will surprise you with regional, national and international creations. You can choose between 3 main courses of fish, meat and vegetarian. All the delicious creations will be perfectly presented by our capable and intent service team. The dinner menu will be attended by a special wine recommendation.

Excellent cuisine

In fact we already got an award from the international and well know fallstaff-magazine. If you come for a dinner without beeing a hotelguest you will find a great choice of regional and seasonal dishes in our á-la-card menu.

Wine Cellar

Wine is one of the favorite topics of your host Christian Steiner. When you attend on a wine tasting you will learn everything about the large wine cellar and the vineyard owned by the family Steiner situated in the south of Styria, which is a famous white wine region in Austria.

Steiner's wine cellar and wineyard

The great selection of wine at Hotel Pichlmayrgut will make it hard to choose. A great number of fantastic red and white wines, rosès and sparkling wines will fight for your attention. The competent service staff will be happy to be of assistance when you are trying to choose the right drop to accompany your gourmet food. And if your host Christian Steiner finds some spare time, he will try and share his extensive knowledge about wine with you.
Guided wine tours through the large underground wine cellar, including wine tasting, are a fantastic experience. The educated sommelier will share his extensive knowledge and loads of entertaining anecdotes around his favourite topic: fine Austrian wine. The spectacular underground arches are home to over 1,000 top wines from Austria and the best wine regions world-wide. Of course you will be able to purchase some of the exquisite wines from the hotel’s own wine shop. Christian Steiner will recommend the right choice for you, based on your personal taste, but not just wine - also champagne or brandy

Pichlmayrgut wine list

We have deposited our extensive wine list here for you. Browse through the wonderful selection of local and international wines.

Regional treasures

Who wants to be spoiled at the Hotel Pichlmayrgut in a culinary way can enjoy the plates with good conscience because we only serve food of the best quality.

selected foods of the best quality

Local organic products

For our executive chef Michael Ferstl, the regional and seasonal cuisine is very important. The signs of the international cuisine show that these facts are significant. This has also been told at the last international cooking exhibition (IKA). At the Hotel Pichlmayrgut we have already standardized this fundamental trend.

We take a major part of the meat from our own organic farming. So the guests can always be sure about the origins of our basic products. Many products that are processed in the kitchen are obtained from the local farmers. But not only for meat and sausage products the quality is the most important factor, we want to provide this high standard in all our areas.

We want you to have a good start into the morning, our breakfast buffet consists of fully organic products like milk from the farmers. The spreads are refined with fresh herbs from our own garden, and the fruits of our fruit trees provide the necessary vitamins. Also the different sorts of cakes and pies are improved with fresh fruits.

Since last summer you can also enjoy fresh char from our own fish basin which will be specially catched and prepared for you.

Seasonal dishes & sustainability

The dishes in our À la carte menu are predominantly prepared with seasonal products. You might wonder why we decided to take such fussiness.

But for us it was always clear, that we want the best quality for our guests. Fruits and vegetables have more taste and they are more aromatic when they are ripe. Many important ingredients get lost during a long storage. By this way we can guarantee 100% freshness, a high standard and sustainability of all our products. This assurance protects us from genetic changed foods which have been discussed recently by the media. Further we supply an important contribution for environmentalism with short transportation routes.